Certified Rigs

Reliable, Low Maintenance, Contract Ready

“We simply want to change the way
drilling contractors do business
by shouldering the burden of capital”

Why Use TOTAL Oil Rig Leasing Ltd.?

• Decades of Relevant Drilling and Oil Field Services/Rig Leasing Experience

• API Compliant and Certified – All Rigs Contract Ready

• The Largest Inventory of New and Used Drilling Rigs Worldwide

• Flexible Lease Terms (min. 2 years)

• Single and Multiple Drilling Rig Leasing

• Reliable And Low Maintenance Rigs – Each Rig comes with a Cache of Spare and Critical Path Parts

• Contractor Growth can be Achieved without the Cost of Capital or the Handicap Associated with Depreciation

• Lease Agreements can be Customized to meet any Tender stipulations or Drilling Scope Requirement

The Top Available Land Rigs

450 – 4000 HP

Currently Available Rigs

PowerType / Model*******Location*******Mast*******Hookload*******Top Drive*******Specs
3000 HPLTIUSA1561700000750
3000 HPGardner Denver 3000EUSA1521600000TBD
3000 HPNational 1625 DEUSA1561600000750
3000 HPIdeco 3000EUSA1521500000TBD
2000 HPDrillmec MAS 7000EUSA/EUR1561300000500
2000 HPNEW E 2000 ACUSA 151900000500
2000 HPOilwell E-2000USA1421300000500
2000 HPNational 1320USA1421000000500
1500 HPOIME SD7EUSA147750000500
1500 HPNEW E 1500 ACUSA141750000500
1500 HPNOV IdealUSA/ME142750000500
1500 HPIDE SpartaUSA142750000350
1500 HPDrillmec HH-300EUR
1200 HPIngersoll Rand GT-120USA68500000250
1200 HPLoadcraftUSA120485000TBD
1000 HPLoadcraftUSA118410000250
750 HPLANCOMid- East118425000

Note: Total Oil Rig Leasing, LLC works with oil and service companies and banks worldwide but has no direct affiliations with these companies.